Railway transport

Railway transport

CF&S Russia offers full freight forwarding services upon arrangement of railway transport. The freight forwarding by rail offered by CF&S includes the following activities:

  • railway transport on the territories of Russia, the Baltic States, and CIS countries
  • commercial lease of special-purpose railcars and railway containers
  • loading operations in railway terminals and ports
  • preparation of cargo documents
  • preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversize shipments

CF&S Russia is mainly involved in arrangement of transportation of the following products:

  • containers (20ft and 40ft shippers own and railway containers)
  • timber products (sawlogs and pulpwood, saw timber, plywood, hard- and chipboard)
  • liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products etc.)
  • new and second-hand vehicles
  • oversize and project shipments (equipments and machinery)
  • building materials
  • pulp and paper products
  • foodstuff


 CF&S Railway Projects (PDF)

Own rolling stock

Own rolling stock

CF&S is operating private rolling-stock. There are available 80´railway platforms of model 23-469-07 and 60´railway platforms of model 13-935A-04

  • platforms of 24- and 19 meters in length are with wooden floor and are intended for transportation of wheeled/caterpillar machinery, heavy-weight containers, long-length and oversized cargo by rail
  • 24-metre platforms are intended for transporting wheeled/caterpillar machinery, heavy-weight containers and long-length and oversized cargo by rail
  • in addition to the territories of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, platforms have a permit to operate on railway territories of Finland and CIS countries; also, we are interested in container transport from the territory of CIS countries back to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • CFS Russia is interested in cooperation with firms for adjustment of constant container transportations in following directions from Central Asia to Baltic States and back
  • platforms can be rented or given into short-term usage on a single route


СF&S has own fleet of new closed wagons of models 11-7038 & 11-2135-01


the boxcar is intended for transportation of goods within the railway network of Russia, Ukraine, the CIS and Baltic states

  • the boxcar capaciousness is 150m3 (model 11-7038) and 161m3 (model 11-2135-01)
  • it is also possible to transport motor cars and minibuses with the height not expanding 2,7 m
  • the boxcar is more practical for transportation of light and volumetrical goods

Both closed wagons and platforms can be operatively positioned to the station of loading from the moment of receiving the request from 2-4 weeks.


 Own Rolling-Stock Presentation (PDF)


Road transport

Road transport

CF&S Russia Ltd arranges road transport between Russia, Scandinavia, Continental Europe, Great Britain, the Baltic States and CIS countries. Fireigh is arranged with the trucks of the sister companies and long-term cooperation partners of CF&S.

Container transport

Container transport

CF&S Russia Ltd arranges container transport all over the world.


FCL (Full Container Load) transportation is arranged in co-operation with major shipping companies, in order to offer fast and favorable transport services to our customers.


The services offered by us include:

  • FCL container shipment
  • port-to-port or door-to-door transportation
  • Fast delivery of containers from transit Baltic ports (Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, St.Petersburg) to CIS and Russia
  • Direct railing of containers from China mainland to Russia and CIS via Manzhouli / Zabajkalsk and Alashankou / Dostyk border points
  • Export from CIS
  • Container Project Shipments (shipments in Flat Racks)
  • Trucking and railway transport
  • Complete logistical solutions


 Stuffing plan (PDF) 


High & Heavy transport

High & Heavy transport

CF&S Russia provides special services for the transportation of heavyweight and oversized items in the Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Russia, CIS Countries and China. Based on the needs of the customer, we will organize transport by sea, road and/or rail.


The services include the planning of loading, checking of the road conditions and/or railway route, procuring the necessary permits, the temporary removal of traffic obstacles, as well as shifting goods by sliding and jacking or use of other specialized hoisting equipment.


Our services include the following:

  • Multimodal project shipments (sea + railing or trucking)
  • Shipments of agricultural combines, tractors, yachts, motor boats, helicopters, etc
  • Shipments of dismantled factory’s equipment
  • Direct/Indirect Manipulations
  • Complete logistical solutions

Air transport

Air transport

CF&S Russia Ltd provides air transport at SVO (Sheremetievo) and DME (Domodedovo) airports including pre carriage from Shipper's doors up to airport terminal and on carriage from airport terminal upto Consignee's doors.


CF&S Russia Ltd is planning to start operations at VKO (Vnukovo) airport in the nearest future.


New closed wagons received


We are pleased to announce the increase of the rolling stock of CF&S (Russia):

On 27th of September we received 20 new closed wagons
(capacity 161m3, model 11-2135-01, payload 67t)