Own rolling stock

CF&S is operating private rolling-stock. There are available 80´railway platforms of model 23-469-07 and 60´railway platforms of model 13-935A-04

  • platforms of 24- and 19 meters in length are with wooden floor and are intended for transportation of wheeled/caterpillar machinery, heavy-weight containers, long-length and oversized cargo by rail
  • 24-metre platforms are intended for transporting wheeled/caterpillar machinery, heavy-weight containers and long-length and oversized cargo by rail
  • in addition to the territories of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, platforms have a permit to operate on railway territories of Finland and CIS countries; also, we are interested in container transport from the territory of CIS countries back to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • CFS Russia is interested in cooperation with firms for adjustment of constant container transportations in following directions from Central Asia to Baltic States and back
  • platforms can be rented or given into short-term usage on a single route


СF&S has own fleet of new closed wagons of models 11-7038 & 11-2135-01


the boxcar is intended for transportation of goods within the railway network of Russia, Ukraine, the CIS and Baltic states

  • the boxcar capaciousness is 150m3 (model 11-7038) and 161m3 (model 11-2135-01)
  • it is also possible to transport motor cars and minibuses with the height not expanding 2,7 m
  • the boxcar is more practical for transportation of light and volumetrical goods

Both closed wagons and platforms can be operatively positioned to the station of loading from the moment of receiving the request from 2-4 weeks.


 Own Rolling-Stock Presentation (PDF)



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